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ArcHRM is an all-in-one HRM software to gather and organise all your people's data, streamline the onboarding process, track PTO, and provide easy access for employees to their data.

Seamless employee onboarding experience! Starting from the document management process, manage forms signed to map the appropriate benefits, and onboard with ArcHRMS—an employee-focussed HRMS software.

Keeping employees in mind

|Employee Database

Manage employee data from a centralized platform while automating HR processes within the organization. The only HRIS software crafted to deliver best-in-the-class employee experience.

Employee Management Software

|Benefits Management

Enroll existing employees and new hires under a benefit plan and manage them easily. Let employees learn more about the benefit and gain value from them.

Human Resource Management Software

|Time Management (Time Off & Time Sheet)

Timesheet management can be done by logging the time spent by each team member on their tasks. Time logs are helpful in billing clients, to keep track of the pace of the project, and to identify bottlenecks and resolve them quickly.

Time Management


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ArcHRM Top Features

ArcHRM Onboarding

Create personalized onboarding experiences

Personalized onboarding procedure for new hires to get all the necessary forms and documents e-signed in no time. HRA's get complete visibility over the entire onboarding process.

You can record the employee's compensation, create PTO, and assign the applicable benefits in a few simple steps. Employees can update their records to keep their information up to date.

HR System Software
Small Business HR Software
ArcHRM Time Off Management

Manage Time Off Effortlessly

Managers can create time off policies in simple steps and assign them accordingly. Similarly, employees would be able to view their leave balances—current and accrued—and request time off.

The time off data is automatically synced with payroll and timesheets. Admins can have a quick view of the time off requests from their dashboard and approve or deny them.

ArcTime Employee Database

Employee information stored in a single place

Centralize all employee information and have them stored in a single place. Your employee data loses accuracy when it is store in spreadsheets, individual documents, etc.

Define who can access, review, and edit employees’ information. Set up their permission levels so they know what to do.

Cloud based hrms software

Ready to get started

Ready to get started

Our new-age comprehensive HRMS platform simplifies complex HR processes, and enables organizations to focus more on employees.

  • Dwelve deep into your employees' skillsets, leave taken, PTO and much more
  • One-click access to all employee records powered by an exclusive human resource database management system.
  • Customize your onboarding and offboarding process sequence

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     What are the benefits of ArcHRM?

Some of the key benefits of ArcHRM are

a. 360° Employee View—from data to documents

b. Smart Onboarding—reduced admin time

c. Automated one-step/multi-step HR processes

d. Track work hours & days off accurately

e. Dedicated space for employees to raise issues

There are several intelligent workflows specific to every module to fast track the process. One such example is e-signature. HRAs can have new hires to digitally sign the new hire forms or any other mandatory documents. A digital enabler like this will cut down the time to complete a process.

Yes. You can integrate ArcHRM with third party career portals, and it comes integrated with ArcCalendar, an appointment scheduling software to fix interview schedules and other discussions.

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