Organize, prioritize, and manage all customer interactions in one place with a robust ticketing system.

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Understand your customer better before responding to their issues. Optimise the customer support with ArcTicket and have your agents deliver the right support.

ArcTicket gives all the customer context an agent requires to deliver faster and personalised customer service.

Less Complexity. More Productivity

|Channelisation of requests

Customer requests are converted as tickets and routed to the right agent without manual intervention.

IT Help Ticketing System Software

|Improved agent productivity

Customer requests are converted into tickets and routed to the right agent without manual intervention. Expect agents to respond to and resolve customer issues speedily and through improved collaboration.

Ticket Management System

|Tickets Dashboard

Get a 360-degree view of tickets. Check the activity on every ticket, add resolution for completed tickets, and change its priority if needed.

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ArcTicket Top Features

Automated Ticket Management

Workflow to automatically route tickets

ArcTicket is designed with a workflow to automatically route tickets to the right department/agent enabling faster response to customer issues.

You can even define your own rules for ticket distribution based on the issue type, events or other conditions.

Automated Ticket Management
Onine Ticket Management Software
SLA Management

Set performance thresholds to standardize the response time

Set benchmarks on the resolution time for tickets, making the agents clear on the deadlines to resolve a customer issue.

Define the severity level of tickets and assign a response time. Get notified whenever there is a breach of the SLA by agents.

Streamlined Customer Support

Access all conversations and actions in one place

Categorise and sort all incoming and resolved tickets on a high level to allow agents to identify similar tickets efficiently. This will reduce the time spent on identifying the issue and proposing a solution. Instead, the solution proposed for a similar kind of ticket can be reused here.

Customer Support Ticketing System

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Use ArcTicket to declutter the ticketing system and make your customer support highly efficient.

  • Easy identification of information—ticket details, conversations, etc.
  • Neatly organized tickets
  • Search option for tickets

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