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ArcDialer allows you to easily connect with leads through the click to call feature and empowers the sales team to close deals fast.

Record calls and share them with your team to make them know their customers better and for well-informed decision making.

For a productive talk times

|Click to call

Talk to your customers in just one click. Use the power dial option to schedule a series of calls in succession. An easy-to-use auto dialing software for instant dialing.


|Call Recording

Record call conversations and find out what your customer wants. Review these recordings to monitor the quality of service.


|CRM integration

ArcDialer integrates with your CRM and hence outbound and inbound calls happen within the CRM. Everything is connected!


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ArcDialer Top Features

Launch calls in a click

Dial one by one or queue the contacts for dialing

Hit the dial button and enter the phone number to start a conversation with any one in your contact book. Or, if you want to talk to multiple contacts in one stretch, you can queue contacts using the power dial option and talk in succession.

Data Driven Decision
Discover & Nurture Leads
Calls Dashboard

One-stop screen for call related records

ArcDialer's Call Dashboard gives a quick overview of the call logs, scheduled calls, and the contacts list. From here, you have the option to reschedule the call to another time or opt for call reminders.

Add notes if any against a contact.

Productive Conversations

Tag calls, add notes, forward calls and a lot more

To make every conversation a productive one, there's an option to add notes while on call to capture important points, tag calls so that your team knows what's in the conversation, and forward calls.

Personalized Engagement

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Maximize your sales reps' productivity through a super-efficient dialer that dials contacts at a faster rate and allows them to record calls and add notes alongside some exciting features.

  • Power dialer to queue calls in succession.
  • Call activity gets automatically integrated with ArcCRM.
  • Launch calls in a single click.

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