Understand your customers better to provide a personalized support.

No need to scramble for customer data. It's readily available in the ticket management space. Discover every piece of information about the customer (such as purchase history, payments, etc.) and the context you need to personalize your service. Share tickets across teams effortlessly.

ArcTicket takes the load off your service agents! It sort tickets, automate routine tasks, organizes and priortizes tickets thus freeing up good chunk of time for your to respond to customer tickets swiftly.

When you have a robust, flexible and organized ticketing system, you can build trust with customers through friendly and efficient support—that's ArcTicket for you! Keep improving your response time and have customers come back again.

Stay on top of crucial customer service metrics that impact satisfaction. Monitor key indicators like first response time, average resolution time, backlog, and more KPIs to enhance your service delivery. Download built-in reports and evaluate your service goals."

Simplified ticketing system to offer great customer service

Ticket Management

An intuitive dashboard that serves as a one-stop shop to manage tickets and organize all customer information. From here, agents can easily identify tickets assigned to them, their priority, last message date, and associated tags. They can also view their teammates' tickets to avoid interference.

Managers can access high-level details like team and agent handling tickets enabling them to follow up for successful resolution. They have the ability to make basic edits to tickets, such as updating priority or changing assignees, at any time.


ArcTicket features a workflow designed to automatically route tickets to the appropriate department or agent, facilitating faster responses to customer issues. You can customize your own rules for ticket distribution based on the issue type, events, or other conditions. ArcTime's Auto-assigning of tickets helps managers balance workloads and reduce customer wait times.

SLA Management

Set benchmarks on resolution time for tickets, ensuring agents have clear deadlines to resolve customer issues. Define severity levels for tickets and assign response times accordingly. Receive notifications for breaches or delays. ArcTime's ticket management space lists tickets based on SLA due times, allowing agents to prioritize tickets with shorter due times first.

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