Organize and manage your team's time without friction. Continuously improve your time metrics.

Complex rules tied to punching, overtime, accruals, breaks, etc are pre-configured to deliver a fully automated experience. Employee time tracking done right!

Tailor employee work time tracking to match your business style.

Mobile Time Clock - Effortlessly records work hours for off-site and field teams, with administrators tracking time on-the-go.

Time Tracking Kiosk or Web Application - Ideal for your on-premise workforce.

Biometric Time Tracking - The preferred choice for authenticating employees' identities.

Customize leave workflows effortlessly, even with complex leave types. A manager's one-stop dashboard for seamless time-off handling.

ArcTime seamlessly syncs with your accounting, payroll, and project tools, making time tracking a breeze for precise billing. Your work time data, your tool of choice.

Embark on a clutter-free journey with ArcTime – seamless navigation, clear steps. Empowerment galore, with exclusive self-service features for employees and managers at every turn!

Extensive Automation
Flexible Time Capture Formats
Easy-to-use leave management & time offs
Limitless Integrations
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Take control of your time with ArcTime

Optimize every minute spent and set up ideal time targets to run a profitable business.

Time Tracking

ArcTime automatically records the work time employees spend on various activities and generates accurate timesheets. Know the time taken to complete different tasks, who is working on what and where your team is investing their hours.

ArcTime ensures that every valuable minute is accounted for. Employees get timely reminders to record their log in, break and other activities. No missed punches. No chasing!

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Employees can effortlessly record their various times on timesheet and submit it in few clicks. Its quick and easy! Plus, they receive alerts when their managers asks for clarification. An empowered time sheet software that does all the heavy lifting.

ArcTime's Team Timesheets allow managers to view their team's timesheets, make edits to employee time entries, and add comments for seamless communication.

Simplified Payroll

ArcTime's error-free work time data lets your team to procees the employees' payroll data accurately.
Control payroll leakages and bring in transparency in salary payouts. Just two steps:

a. Review & validate timesheet data
b. Approve

Payroll data is locked!

Save big on payroll run by syncing your payroll system with ArcTime. Set up rules if you have multiple pay rates and differentials for overtime, etc to increase the payroll accuracy using employee time tracking tool.

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Project Dashboard

Project Dashboard

One-stop shop to monitor project's progress with ease. Easily track hours spent for each client, monitor budget utilization, and view remaining resources. Plus, keep a real-time eye on project profitability.

Do on-the-go project adjustments by identifying the bottlenecks and reallocating resources to fast-track the work. Ensure you spend right, stay on track and get the work as planned.

Carefully crafted for your industry

  • Distribution

  • Non Profit

  • Manufacturing

  • Retail

Smart notifications, custom reminders and impactful reports

Smart notifications, custom reminders and impactful reports. Stay in the loop with our targeted notifications – employees get friendly reminders for log-ins and breaks, while managers stay on top with pending approvals. And for the grand finale, dive into dynamic visual reports unveiling team capacity, project insights, and more. It's your backstage pass to productivity.

Simplify your time tracking and gain valuable insights on work and time with ArcTime—a straightforward time tracking tool

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