A sales automation software that helps sales teams stay consistent in their process through smart workflows.

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Equip your sales team with a scalable workflow to execute their daily sales activities in a structured manner, coupled with real-time on-the-ground data, to achieve their sales goals.

ArcSalesAutomation gives insights for sales reps to engage in personalised interactions with prospects and buyers.

Everything for a better sales

|Prospects Outreach

Give your sales team a robust pipeline to act upon. Make them execute all sales actions like phone calls, emails, and social messages through a proven and tested process.


|Predict Customer Needs

Never miss out on any opportunity. Anticipate every need of the customer by closing monitoring opportunities that come across any communication channel.


|Real-time Data

Know how your prospects are reacting to your offer, monitor how buyer behaviour is changing post-sales activity—everything in real-time.


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ArcSalesAutomation Top Features

Faster Sales Execution

Unlock customer intelligence to empower sales managers

Working on wrong priorities, and acting on them subsequently derails the sales team effort. Automate the process of gathering every piece of customer information, share real-time actionable data with the team for them to make the right decisions at all stages of the sales cycle.

Data Driven Decision
Discover & Nurture Leads
Well-Organized Inbound & Outbound Campaigns

Clear visibility on the actual status of prospects follow-up

Execute and manage all the activities targeted at prospects from one place. Sequence your marketing campaign—emails, phone calls, social messages— in response to prospects' behviour and automate them.

Have your sales team pick up on the leads instantly and engage them with the initial level outreach activities.

Data Insights

Learn how prospects and buyers react to your offer

ArcSalesAutomation's data insights will shed light on people who actually require service and how they reacted to your outreach in the past/recent times. By analyzing this, the sales team can re-work their personalized campaigns or continue with the existing campaigns for better predictability.

Personalized Engagement

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ArcSalesAutomation closes the sales execution gap through well-defined automation. Now sales activities get streamlined. The probable outcomes are

  • Increase in sales team's productivity
  • Availability of real-time data on prospect behavior—take the right actions every time
  • Instant follow-up with inbound leads

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