ArcExpense solves the complexity of expense management problem in the simplest way.

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Expense Management Software

Automate the expense reporting process to quickly identify the overspends, identify any deviations of the projected expenses, and step in with course correction measures at the right moment. You also get a chance to streamline employee reimbursements.

With ArcExpense, you save big on cost, while guaranteeing automated compliance and streamlined expense reporting.

Track Expenses
Expense Tracking

Capture all expense data and track by amount, vendor, and more. Get a breakdown of the expenses by project or cost centers.

Digital Expense Management
100% Paperless

Don't chase your employees for receipts. Just have them upload the expense and submit it for approval- that's it! Their expense is captured and added to records.

Accurate expense calculation
Accurate expense calculations

Never let accounting errors bring down your project's profits. Have your team account for every incurred expense during the project to ensure a fool-proof calculation.

Options to upload expenses
Upload Expenses

Submit your receipts or other expense records quickly and easily.

ArcExpense gives you multiple options to upload your expense receipts. You can import expense details as well as card statements, bulk add multiple expense lines, or opt to cloud upload the expense data.

Controls & Approvals

Configure the business rules for expense policy compliance and validate submitted expenses against those rules.

Set the business rules against which an expense must be validated for approvals. Quickly identify if the expense recorded is a dubious or fraudulent entry right at this stage to get your expense management clean and correct.

Easily approve expenses
Employee expense management
Employee Expense Management

Use a centralized expense management system to track all kinds of expenses.

Allow employees to record every one of their reimbursable expenses and decrease reimbursement turnaround time. In case of split expenses, employees can split the expense between projects, cost centers, or other items, and record them.

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