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No-shows and last-minute meeting cancellations slow down the sales cycle. How to fix this? By automating the post-meeting communications through frequent reminders, sharing of resources, etc.

ArcCalendar is an online scheduling software to book appointments with customers with a single click. It is an easy-to-implement application with powerful administration features. The application is scalable and can be customized to meet the needs of small and large teams. Integrating it with CRM tools makes the data synced in real-time, and the status of meetings is found there.

Take control of your schedules

|Convenient Scheduling

Share a link with customers to book a meeting time and have their appointments captured in your calendar. It's all in one go: no more follow-up calls or back-and-forth emailing with our appointment scheduling software.

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|Track meeting data in your CRM

Track the no-shows, rescheduled ones, and other meeting details on your CRM. The meeting data gets synchronized and is updated against the customer records in real time

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|Centralized User Management

Simplified user management to delegate or relegate access to users. Pool the team members into groups and assign group admins to handle the user management

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ArcCalendar Top Features

Team Scheduling

Be it one-on-one calls or group scheduling—do it fast and easily.

Create a separate booking page for each team member or pool team member into one booking page, along with their availability, to help customers choose one or multiple people they want to talk to. You can even add team members to multiple booking pages.

Just share a link with customers and have every other process automated. Complete focus guaranteed on growing the relationship with customers instead of scheduling meetings!

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Appointment Scheduling Software
Appointment Scheduling Calendar

Easy-to-manage calendars for an efficient planning

Stay on top of your schedules to take advantage of opportunities. Maintain the upcoming schedules in an eye-pleasing manner by color-coding them and clicking on them to figure out the details of the meeting. You can update your schedules and edit the meeting details anytime, anywhere.

At the same time, give your customers an option to reschedule or cancel appointments without contacting you. Any freed-up slot is automatically made open for booking. Our online scheduling software does all the heavy lifting for you!

Automatic Confirmations & Reminders

Keep your customers in the know through custom notifications.

Send instant notifications to customers and staff on newly booked, rescheduled, or canceled appointments. This automatic confirmation notification will carry details about the participants, date, time and type of meeting, etc. In addition, customers will receive reminders on their upcoming appointments at regular intervals; you can control the messages and when they must be sent.

Notifications like these minimize no-shows and bring down the friction in scheduling.

Meeting Scheduling Software

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With no roundabouts to book appointments, sales teams can succeed in their hard-earned customer appointments and speed up the sales cycle. Some of the prominent features are

  • Ease of use for customers to book meetings
  • Best-in-class appointment scheduling calendar
  • Automated post-meeting notifications

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