Experience optimal performance even while connecting with large data sets. Less learning curve to onboard the application.

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Unlike other tools, the performance of ArcAnalytics doesn't nose-dive when connected with large data sets. At the same time, the dashboard gets refreshed in frequent intervals to provide up-to-the-minute data. There is a filter option at the dashboard and widget-levels filter to pull the desired data with less complexity.

By providing in-depth and consistent analysis, ArcAnalytics makes businesses analytics-driven and ready for their what's next plan with precision.

Data-based decisions
Data-based Decisions

Back your decisions with data. ArcAnaytics analyzes the data from all your business functions for meaningful insight.

Easy-to-use interface

ArcAnalytics has an intuitive interface that gives real-time insights on business KPIs, allows admins to manage & prepare raw data for analysis, and has an easy-to-use dashboard.

User Control
Access Control

Define what your team members and clients do with the data you share.

Connect & Analyze
Connect & Analyze

Establish a connection with multiple wide-ranging data sources.

Gain deep insights into your live business data by subjecting an expansive pool of data sets for analysis. ArcAnalytics lets you easily connect with any data regardless of where it is located and whatever the size be.

Data Visualization

Highly rich visual insights on data through charts, graphs, and maps.

Get a quick overview of key business metrics from interactive dashboards and reports, and predict long-term trends using forecast charts and pivot tables. ArcExpense leaves you with clarity on what your next move should be.

Data Visualization

Pass on the insights to your team and other stakeholders.

Share the insights, reports, and other findings with everyone in your team in a secure environment. Discuss the analytical findings and explore how the learnings can be implemented for productive outcomes.

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With easy-to-understand visualizations, teams can enrich themselves with a birds-eye view of their operations and work towards delivering an impressive customer experience. Some of the prominent features are

  • Capability to customize visualizations
  • Generate reports on any KPIs
  • Drill down data reporting

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