Track project time, plan your workload, and balance
your resources effortlessly with ArcTime!

What would you like to focus on?

Supercharge your sales and marketing with our toolbox crafted to skyrocket your profits.


Our smart lead system automates routine sales tasks, assigns leads to the right sales person, while the audience dashboard offers a clear view for targeted outreach.

Transform the way HR delivers value to your business. Make it a strategic powerhouse.


Simplify your day-to-day HR operations with automated workflows for routine tasks, approval processes, and more—save time and money. Plus, automate onboarding and exitprocesses to ensure the best employee experiences throughout their lifecycle.

Resolve issues quickly, track progress effortlessly, and nurture long-term relationships. 


All you need to resolve tickets at speed. The ticket dashboard provides a feature-rich high-level view, a user-friendly interface for browsing communication feeds, and simple automations for repetitive tasks.

Create a chaos-free work plan by tracking your team's time and making accurate time estimates to sequence your tasks for a timely project delivery.


Find out where your team spends time and identify your most efficient resources for accurate capacity planning. Also, closely monitor team members' task logs and adjust the task plan time to boost productivity.

Bring in a timely billing culture to accelerate revenue and improve the business cash flow.


Streamline billing with versatile pricing models and usage-based options. Schedule future-dated and back-dated invoices—avoid last minute hurry. Get out-of-the-box reports on revenue projection, and near-term cash flow scenario.

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Master every step of your process flow and
achieve faster, smarter work with our range of applications.


Manage leads with
minimal effort.
Personalized automations
to close more deals and to
run targeted outreach. 


Streamline complex HR
practices through
customized workflows,
and centralize the
employee data to uncover
critical insights. 


Automatically track your
team's work time, how
they progress on various
tasks, monitor project
budget, etc —all in real-

Insight-Driven Automation:
Transform the way you work

Unlock the secrets behind our products' prowess in
insight-driven automation

  • Data Integration Mastery

    Data Integration

  • Continuous Innovation


  • Customization Capabilities


  • Real-time Analytics


  • Streamlined Workflows


Return on Investment

Accurate decision making

Data from all areas of business operations under one roof, The result? A clear idea of what to do next, supported by numbers!

Your ROI sees an uptick

Archarina's office tools save you money and make your work faster

Accelerated Process

Clearly defined workflows eliminate unnecessary process bottlenecks.Task completion rate improve resulting in improved productivity.

Cost Savings

Automating repetitive tasks reduces labor costs and enhances operational efficiency.With no manual intervention, resource wastage is minimized!