An easy and accurate time tracking solution for your business.

Presenting the ArcSuite

Unlock productivity with ArcTime,
a global platform to track and monitor employees' work

Presenting the ArcSuite

ArcTime empowers your workforce to increase their performance and their work-life quality

Timesheets for Payroll

Employee can clock-in and clock-out with one touch, monitor their breaks, and track overtime, allowing for easy approvals and payroll execution.

Project and Activity Tracking

Create projects, assign tasks, and monitor progress of your employees with complete visibility.

Billing & Invoicing

Automate and monitor your client projects with complete accuracy, allowing for easy invoicing to your clients.

PTO Policies and Reporting

Paid Time Off Tracking

Easily approve and monitor paid time off for employees, with zero confusion or mess.

Make every second count with powerful, real-time insights for your accounting needs.

Presenting the ArcSuite

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Location Tracker

Geo-Fencing and Biometric Data Tracking.

Real-time monitoring of employee location with geo-fencing features, bometric punch card devices, and facial recognition to ensure complete transparency.

Presenting the ArcSuite
Presenting the ArcSuite
Project and Revenue Tracking

Accurately track billable time, project delivery dates.

Create projects, assign tasks, and monitor progress of your employees with complete visibility to earn your client's business.

ArcTime allows for easy project and timeline management, giving you complete visibility as to project status, invoicing, and billing with your clients.

Automate, digitize, and optimize the way your employees work.


ArcTime integrates with your accounting or payroll tools for easy payroll processing and invoicing, saving time for your accounting team.


Simple interface to allow you and your employees to worry less about tracking work, and focus more on doing work.


ArcTime was designed for greater flexibility, scalability and reliability for your business needs.

Presenting the ArcSuite

Easily integrate ArcTime with your favorite applications for maximum efficiency.





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